Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., Purchases FazeWire

Bellevue, WA (April 18, 2012) – Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., (PSPINC) recently purchased FazeWire Web Services, a Seattle web hosting company. The acquisition went into effect on April 1, 2012.

The acquisition aims to combine the expertise and broad range of online services of PSPINC, founded in 1987, with the assets and new perspectives of FazeWire, founded in 2005. The acquisition has been carefully structured to avoid any lapse in service or other inconvenience to FazeWire customers.

PSPINC will utilize the purchase to expand its resources and client base, and FazeWire will improve the services they already provide customers by adding features like a more responsive support team and new payment/billing options. “I am excited to utilize PSPINC’s 25 years of industry experience to strengthen our modern product line, and bring our strong technology expertise to their managed data center environments.” says Kyle Davies, CEO of FazeWire. “We at PSPINC are very happy to be working with FazeWire. Through this acquisition, we will expand our company and our client base,” says Mayumi Nakamura, CEO of PSPINC.



Founded in 1987 by Ken Uchikura, PSP, Inc. is a web hosting and Internet solutions company, located in Bellevue, WA. During the 1990s, PSP shifted its focus from “double byte specialist” to “internet specialist,” and the very first web server went live in January 1996. In August 2000, PSP established a state-of-the-art Datacenter, providing the highest level of reliability and security. Now in 2011, PSP continues to expand and provide domain name, web, email hosting, and storage space to over 38,000 companies in both the U.S. and Japanese markets. Visit to learn more.


About FazeWire

Founded in 2005, FazeWire was founded providing only a single type of shared hosting account, and quickly moved into the full service shared hosting market. In 2008, FazeWire moved into the virtualization and colocation markets, offering the best value on the west coast. As the demand for low cost, high quality, and professionally supported data center services in Seattle increased, FazeWire met that need. Today, FazeWire provides a full line of web solutions, from shared hosting to colocation to full application consultation and design. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you expand your online presence at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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